Save Money and Time

The Matching Engine created by Wuzu is easy to integrate with your system, our API is already designed so that your project can scale in the future without you having to worry about resizing your internal infrastructure.

Our Matching Engine works by CLOUD which facilitates updates and streamlines processes quickly and safely.

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The Wuzu Matching Engine Approach

The Wuzu Matching Engine System can support up to thousands of matching engines running in parallel, for standalone players and shared ones, you can choose what is the best alternative for your business model.

Also we are proud that our system is cloud based. The reason to have a cloud based system is :

  • The facility to upgrade the system;
  • To have constantly maintenance;
  • The facility to scale up the system.

All these points can happen in a remote situation which means: agility with no security loss.

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MEET Wuzu Exchange

The solution which goes beyond the Matching Engine

Wuzu Broker Exchange is a complete solution that was born with a MATCHING ENGINE and BACK OFFICE connected to your Exchange. You can have your entire project with our technology, without depending on an IT team.

  • Home Broker: intuitive, responsive and fast;
  • Know your customer system (KYC);
  • Money laundering prevention system (AML);
  • Cold Wallet:safe and allows mass executions;
  • Matching Engine that can be connected with the other Exchanges. Increasing your business liquidity;
  • Integrated Admin Panel: Manage your customers quickly and easily.
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Reasons to Use Wuzu Matching Engine

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Save Money and Time

It's easy to connect in our matching engine. This will save time for your IT team to solve other problems and will be cheaper than develop one by yourself.

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Focus on your Client

With the money and time saved you can focus on strategies to obtain and retain costumers on your product.

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You can have liquidity without losing performance or compromising the safety of your product.